Angelicat rescuing cats

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One of the tasks carried out by the institution called Angelicat is to set traps where colonies of feral cats live and bring them to their location. When they have captured the feral cats, they have them spayed or neutered and feed and care for them. The ultimate goal is to find permanent homes for these strays.

One of the challenges Angelicat faces is that people when they see cats roaming free will leave more cats in the same area assuming they will be taken care of by other people.

It is a vicious circle. Awareness campaigns have worked, but many people are still not capable of being responsible with the animal environment and many times they abandon their animals in areas of wealthy people because they hope they will have a better chance of survival.

But it is not like that, in most cases when Angelicat arrives to rescue the animals, they do not arrive in time and find the cats in terrible condition, dehydrated and starving. At that point the only thing they can do is hope that the vet can perform a miracle. Unfortunately, not all of them can be saved.

If you would like to be part of this program and join in the efforts of Angelicat any contribution or adoption is important to assist them with this noble cause and will be gratefully accepted. Adoptions or donations can also be made in kind or for someone else.
Please contact them at the following cell phone number: 322 108 0129 if you have any questions.