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Art & Culture on the Bay

Salsa, samba, tango. Folk, funk, whatever turns you on and gets you up dancing is something you’ll find a lot of in Puerto Vallarta.  We’ve got swinging clubs and rocking bars, 40’s crooners, Latin singers and rapping rappers. There a club and a bar for everyone from swingers to seniors. LGBT, whatever.  Whatever your scene, here on the Bay, you can love it your way.

Just want to listen? Perfecto amigo. From a stunning chanteuse in a slinky gown to a rocker in ripped up jeans, music is the Bay’s middle name.  Mariachi? Of course.  Salsa? Muy bien. Outdoor performances? Galore. Theater, worth curtain calls and concerts, worth encores. Bravo. We’ve got them here, inside and out, from elegant settings to sandy bottomed beachfront joints.

P.V. features endless happy hours. 3X1 Margarita’s, ice-cold cervezas, tequila as an art form, if that’s your way to sway. Of course, in this Edenesque paradise, you’ll find swaying palms, amazing sunsets on magical beaches, horses, waiting for you to hop on and ride into the sunset.

And if you’d rather do your swaying on the sea, you can hop in a Panga, that’s native boat to you and go visit some whales, charter a yacht and do it in style. Whales are highly intelligent creatures. They know there’s no place like P.V. anyplace and that’s why they ‘re here in our shimmering Banderas Bay.

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Art & Culture on the Bay Blogs


Charros – Cowboy Up Jalisco Style

By bestofbay | February 22, 2021

Charros are right up there with Mariachis and Tequila as one of Jalisco’s most important original…

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Puerto Vallarta Comes Alive for The Day of The Dead.

By bestofbay | October 14, 2019

If you’re a North American you can see Halloween costumes and candy everywhere and if you’re lucky…

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authentic Mexican tacos

It’s National Taco Day, Everyday, in Puerto Vallarta.

By bestofbay | October 7, 2019

It was national taco day in El Norte last Friday and Taco Bell wants to ring your chimes. Well, I’ve got a much better idea

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The Best of The Best of The Best. Open Wide, It’s Gourmet Week in Puerto Vallarta.

By bestofbay | September 18, 2019

Home About the Bay Towns of the Bay Best of the Bay Blog Contact Visit Us: MX Cell: 322•133•0138 USA:…

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