Authors: Juan Antonio Salcedo Padilla and Selene Mora Andrade   “Huichol”, a Spanish word from the term wixarika, which means: a crowd that populates places with spiny plants, which in Mexico is known as Huizachal. They live mainly in the municipalities of Mezquitic and Bolaños, in the north of the state of Jalisco, as well…

Invest in Bahia de Banderas

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Time is now! Invest in Bahia de Banderas   Bahía de Banderas is everything one can hope for when talking about tourist destinations, it has as many attractions as can be named, making it one of the most visited and desired places, whether to spend a vacation or to live for more than one season.…

Best Resort for Social Distancing 2021

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Treasure By the Sea in Jalisco Mexico Declared “Best Resort for Social Distancing 2021”   Puerto Vallarta is still western Mexico’s top destination for international tourism, but with recent health concerns and Covid 19, travelers have been seeking new experiences far from city centers where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while…

The debate of the century in Mexico.

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Is the quesadilla really a quesadilla if there is no cheese in it?   Quesadilla is a Mexican dish that consists of a corn or wheat tortilla, folded in half and depending on the region can be filled with cheese or other ingredients, eaten hot, either fried or cooked in the comal. Ahhhh, the delicious…

Peaches Do’s and Don’ts


Style tips from Vallarta’s Favorite Queen!   He’s obviously not afraid of color, this two-piece is giving me life and all kinds of gay humor. You can tell he likes to party. The chain tells me he’s either not afraid to flaunt what he’s got, or he likes big things…don’t we all. The Coach fanny…

Nuestra Sociedad

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  Photographer: Eder Acevedo,  E.A. Wedding Photography , @ederacevedophoto Assistant: Leslie Acevedo On the Bay we always aim to slay. This Halloween and Día de los Muertos was no exception. Follow us online to see more! Thanks to Hamburger Mary’s, Anonimo, Blondies, Catrina Cantina and The Swedes. Visit EA Wedding Photography

Fun facts about dogs

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Dogs are born deaf and blind. The nose of dogs can have up to 300 million olfactory receptors. The taste buds of dogs range from 1,700 to 2,000 compared to the nearly 10,000 taste buds that humans have. The intelligence of dogs is like that of a 2-year-old child. Dogs can understand up to 250…



  The Corner esquina con Insurgentes, Basilio Badillo 330, Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta After a hot and sweaty day at Los Muertos beach, staring at a plethora of questionable speedo choices, I wandered past The Corner Martini & Cocktail Bar. Feeling damp and thirsty I walked inside to what felt like an oasis in the midst…

Biography – Ada Colorina

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  Ada Colorina was born on June 20, 1970, in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. At the age of nine, with the influence of her father, the painter Daniel Inchaurregui Bernal, she began her career as an artist painting special cards for various celebrations such as Christmas which she used to give to friends and family. As…

Angelicat rescuing cats

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  One of the tasks carried out by the institution called Angelicat is to set traps where colonies of feral cats live and bring them to their location. When they have captured the feral cats, they have them spayed or neutered and feed and care for them. The ultimate goal is to find permanent homes…