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Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Taco Tales.

Say to someone anywhere in Puerto Vallarta that you’ve found the absolute best Taco on Banderas Bay and you will start a war. Everyone, in this taco heaven has their favorite one and their favorite place.  It’s really amazing that the simple taco has so many ardent fans but not when you taste some. Like … Read more

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Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Domingo, my favorite day.

Domingo, Sunday is my favorite day on the Bay. I usually spend it taking the bus up to La Cruz for the Sunday market.  If you’re thinking ordinary market, you’re in for a treat. But only if you like amazing food, great music, hot salsa dancing, cold corn ice cream, don’t laugh it’s delicious, and … Read more

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Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Welcome to paradise amigos.

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but walking down the beach with my Lab, Hershey and watching whales breach, flapping their huge tails in the morning sun just makes my day.  You have got to hand it to these spectacular whales, they know Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay is the best place to … Read more

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Blue-eyed boy on the bay. About Irv.

Irv is an internationally known advertising writer and author. His debut novel, “The Suicide Sell,” is currently on Amazon Books. Irv came to P.V. 3 years ago and never left.  When asked why, his answer was simple enough. “Why would you ever want to leave paradise?” When Irv is not writing or blogging you can … Read more

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