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Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Welcome to paradise amigos.

Maybe it’s the kid in me, but walking down the beach with my Lab, Hershey and watching whales breach, flapping their huge tails in the morning sun just makes my day.  You have got to hand it to these spectacular whales, they know Puerto Vallarta and the entire Banderas Bay is the best place to be. 

And that’s just one of the billion things that will make your day if you are lucky enough to wake up in Puerto Vallarta or any of the charming towns around our beautiful bay. 51 miles of perfect, palm-treed beaches with the warm Pacific waving to you to come on in.

If you’re thinking about coming, stop planning and start packing. The Bay is like the best Sunday brunch you’ve ever been at. An endless array of all the things you love and plenty of them. Every sport, every activity, every pleasure from powder-white beaches to lush, green jungles. From the ocean to the mountains to the sun in our liquid blue sky to our consistently great weather.

I came here 3 years ago and never left. I was lucky enough as an advertising travel writer to see a lot of the world, but I never, ever, found a place I liked as much as this place.  Once you get here you’ll feel the same.

Even more than the beach, the ocean, the food, the weather which all rate 5 stars, it’s the people here who make it extra special.  Mexicans have that way about them. Generous, gracias, gorgeous people who are as sweet as the Churros, the fruit-stuffed pastries you can buy from the lady on the corner as well as the best taco you ever tasted in your life.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton set this place on fire with their torrid, tropical romance and its grown into one of the most loved, vacation destinations in the world.

Our website is here to make it even better, so we’ve found the best of the best for you, from the southern tip of Yelapa and its Fantasy Island beach to the northern tip of Punta Mita that Bill Gates now owns a chunk of along with the Four Seasons Hotel. When you can afford to be anywhere on earth and you pick the Bay of Banderas, that’s really saying something, don’t you think?

But you don’t need to be Bill to love every second here. In fact, with the Mexican Peso just below $20 to the U.S.D., a day and night in paradise is actually a bargain.

No one ever comes to Puerto Vallarta and the Bay once. They keep coming back year after year. 3.7 million visitors came last year and more are on their way. We’re an easy hop from anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Europe and you can be out of the airport and holding a frosty Margarita in minutes. The Bay is also the #1 LGBT vacation destination in the world so whomever you love or how, you won’t raise a pair of shades or an eyebrow.

Dress up or peel down, Jimmy Choo’s or no shoes. Master chef or curbside cart.  If you love it we got it and each week we’re going to invite you along, show you a little more and tell you why you shouldn’t waste another second getting here. What are you waiting for?

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