The Best of Banderas Bay

Hurricane Proof Your Vacation.

best beaches in puerto vallarta

If you’re like most vacationers, the worst scenario is arriving at your destination with a big storm on the way. This is certainly the season of big storms all across  the Caribbean. With the Atlantic so warm, the first two have been unleashed from the coast of Africa and are heading our way. Of course our thoughts are with all the people of the islands, but our thoughts are also with you and your vacation. 2 weeks out of 52 make those 14 days very special.

Now, there are hurricanes which blow across the Pacific but they are usually broken apart by the Baja Peninsula, so by the time they make landfall anywhere near Puerto Vallarta, they lose most of their punch.

beaches in Puerto VallartaOne thing I can assure you of, even in the guessing game called weather, the weather in Puerto Vallarta is consistently great. Blue skies, warm ocean, sparkling sand beaches and even in rainy season, it usually only rains at night. In fact, one conversation you will rarely have in Puerto Vallarta or in any of the towns around the Bay of Banderas is about weather, since it is always so good.

In addition to all that great weather, Puerto Vallarta is filled with so many great things to do, from the Zip Lines through the jungle to the parasails over our spectacular beaches.  There are tons of great places to eat, from 5-star gourmet to street-side tacos, so you’ll never run out of gastronomic pleasures. So many great places to stay from world-class resorts, to spectacular condos to simple, budget friendly inns, that you’ll never run out of great places to stay, or shop, or visit, or swim or surf, or kite-sail.  And to make it even better come visit our website, and we’ll guide you to the best of the best.

If you’re thinking where is the best vacation place in the world to come, best place to retire, best time of your life, do what the 3.7 million annual visitors to Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas do, come and see for yourself. One thing you can be sure of, the weather will be great and so will your time here.



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