Best of Banderas Bay Collaborates with Empower Vallarta to Alleviate Poverty One Entrepreneur at a Time

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Best of Banderas Bay has undergone a transformation into a community project aimed at promoting and supporting local entrepreneurs. We have partnered with Empower Vallarta, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals in the community. Our mission is to give back 100% of our profits to the Empower Vallarta network, providing assistance in education, training, financial support, event organization, and anything else that can contribute to the growth and success of entrepreneurs. A key aspect of our support is helping them navigate the process of working with foreigners.

Many of these entrepreneurs face the challenge of meeting their basic needs on a daily basis. They are hardworking, proud Mexicans striving to create better lives for themselves and their families. Empower Vallarta plays a crucial role in their journey by assisting them in setting up banking and PayPal accounts, making it easier for them to accept payments and donations from visitors. Additionally, Empower Vallarta helps these entrepreneurs find new sponsors, ensuring they have the resources to sustain themselves each day. By relieving financial pressure, we enable them to excel in their businesses. Through the gifting program, a monthly amount of $11.11 is directly deposited into the entrepreneurs’ PayPal accounts. While this may seem like a small amount to us, it goes a long way for them, providing for their entire families. Presently, Empower Vallarta supports 22 entrepreneurs who receive gifts of $11.11 or more from one or more generous individuals. These entrepreneurs are not seeking handouts; they genuinely appreciate any support as it helps them expand their businesses.

Kirk Sells, also known as WHITE CHEDDA, is the founder behind this initiative. He possesses an immense heart and soul, with a strong desire to uplift the people of Puerto Vallarta, particularly the beach vendors often encountered by visitors. While some may find these vendors bothersome, understanding that this is their only means of providing for their families can change perspectives. Kirk can be found on the beach every day, spreading smiles through his self-written poetry and engaging with tourists from different backgrounds. He often assists fellow vendors, helping them improve their sales pitches or discussing the gifting program with interested parties. Even though this work is Kirk’s primary source of income, he consistently shares tips and support with others. Despite having his own family and financial responsibilities, he prioritizes helping others. Kirk embodies extraordinary generosity, yearning for a world filled with love and is determined to eliminate poverty in Puerto Vallarta, creating a happy and stress-free life for all its residents.

In support of Kirk’s vision, Best of Banderas Bay has partnered with Empower Vallarta to amplify their efforts and provide increased assistance. We offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to advertise their businesses with a dedicated web page on our site. This platform allows customers to easily find and directly connect with entrepreneurs to make purchases or offer gifts. Furthermore, Best of Banderas Bay magazine has been rebranded as “The Vallarta Vibration.” The concept behind this transformation is to elevate the collective vibration of this incredible city, providing easy access to local businesses and resources that can help individuals raise their frequency and contribute to the vibrancy of the entire community. The magazine and website serve as platforms for anyone with knowledge or a message to share, ensuring their voices are heard. We have transitioned to a donation-only platform, where all advertising is supported through community donations. Our core values revolve around people helping people, businesses supporting businesses, and fostering mutual support.

If you have a favorite business or entrepreneur whom you would like to see succeed, consider sponsoring their presence on or The Vallarta Vibration. Any donation, regardless of size, will make a difference.

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