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Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Nuevo Vallarta. One of the best of the best of Banderas Bay

By IRV | Aug 21, 2019

I always joke with Canadians that the reason they love Nuevo Vallarta so much is because it’s north of Puerto Vallarta. But by north I mean only a few miles or a few minutes by car or bus. But one thing I can assure you of, it is loaded with Grande pleasures all it’s own. … Read more

Yelapa, Mexico - waterfalls

Fantasy Island Isn’t A Fantasy, It’s Called Yelapa

By IRV | Aug 19, 2019

There’s a little slice of paradise about 40 miles south of downtown Puerto Vallarta that will make you think you’ve found the Garden of Eden. Surrounded by mountains and jungle, you can only get there by boat or water taxi, and it’s well worth the trip. The word Yelapa in the local native language means, … Read more

Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico Beaches Hotels and Resorts Golf

Punta Mita – One of The Best Towns Around The Bay…

By IRV | Aug 14, 2019

Punta Mita, the knockout little town at the northern tip of Banderas Bay has been a secret slice of paradise for the rich and famous that is rapidly becoming the talk of the travel world.  The name comes from the Aztec word, “Mictlan” which means “gateway to paradise” And if paradise is on your quest … Read more

Best Beaches around Banderas Bay

While The Caribbean Is Having A Seaweed Invasion, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Is Having The Best Tourist Year Ever.

By IRV | Aug 12, 2019

If you’re planning your vacation right now we know there are things you want to see, and things you don’t.  You want to see the best beaches.  Puerto Vallarta and the 51 miles of pure white, sandy beaches along Banderas Bay, from Punta Mita to Yelapa, are among the most pristine and beautiful in the … Read more

top 10 Puerto Vallarta golf courses

The Ten Best Golf Courses in Puerto Vallarta?

By IRV | Aug 2, 2019

Well amigos, everyone knows Puerto Vallarta and all the cool towns around Banderas Bay or Bahia de Banderas, as the locals say, is a swinging place, full of cool beaches, clubs, restaurants and resorts. But what many don’t know is that Puerto Vallarta is one of the best swinging golf towns anywhere in the tropics.  … Read more

The Best Tequilas in Mexico - Best of Banderas Bay

The Best Tequilas in Mexico

By IRV | Aug 1, 2019

The 2 things Mexico is famously known for, both begin with T. Tequila and Tacos. Now a lot has been written about Tacos, so lets talk a little about the other famous T. Tequila. Many will argue that their favorite is, The Best there is, but a little research and reading, opened up a whole … Read more

Snorkel Tour in Los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta

Is Puerto Vallarta The Coolest Place on Earth?

By IRV | Jul 29, 2019

Travelers, looking for a great summer vacation, always ask, “Is Puerto Vallarta too hot in the summer?” The answer is no. It’s hot, it’s summer after all. But it was in the 80’s here in Puerto Vallarta and 109 in Paris and 90 in Alaska. In Kuwait, it hit 142. So if you’re looking for … Read more

Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Best Sunday Brunch in Puerto Vallarta.

By IRV | Jul 25, 2019

Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you love Sunday brunch, you’ll love Sunday Brunch in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta and all the towns around Banderas Bay are so blessed with amazing, delectable places for Sunday Brunch they are hard to count. Our Lady of Gastronomy has found a home right here. So, if … Read more

Summer fun in Puerto Vallarta

Does It Rain All Summer in Puerto Vallarta?

By IRV | Jul 23, 2019

The famous musical play, “My Fair Lady” has a song that says, ‘the rain in Spain is mainly on the plain.”  So, what does that have to do with the rain in summer in Puerto Vallarta and the other quaint towns around Banderas Bay, from the northern tip of Punta Mita to the southern tip … Read more