Blue-eyed boy on the bay. A trip to the cosmos and the realm of the Gods.

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21 March, 2019

There is something I ‘d love to share with all of you. Another dimension, that has a portal, right here in Puerto Vallarta. You’ve probably heard about people’s experiences with Ayahuasca, the psychedelic plant, so many are talking about.  What they usually don’t talk about is the violent vomiting that comes with it when they ingest it.

A highly experienced shaman I met here, introduced me to another way to get out there. Its called Sapo and it comes from a toad’s excretions. It was the most significant experience I’ve ever encountered. I joined a group of 10 people, of every age, gender and background and when everyone returned back to earth they all echoed my feelings. Everyone was amazed and joyous and thrilled.

Wow, it was so amazing it needs to be shared. So that is what I am doing right now. The moment is profound and the lingering great feelings lasted almost 3 weeks. I came out of it feeling better, clearer and more alive than ever and I believe you will too.

If any of you want to enjoy the mucho delights of the Bay of Banderas and Puerto Vallarta and want to detour for a night to experience the realms of the Gods, we can make that happen for you, in a safe, secure, experienced way. The way of the ancient shamans who have been doing this for centuries. I guarantee it will be a trip well worth taking.



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