Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Domingo, my favorite day.

La Cruz Sunday Market2

19 March, 2019

Domingo, Sunday is my favorite day on the Bay. I usually spend it taking the bus up to La Cruz for the Sunday market.  If you’re thinking ordinary market, you’re in for a treat. But only if you like amazing food, great music, hot salsa dancing, cold corn ice cream, don’t laugh it’s delicious, and a collection of really stunning handicrafts, jewelry, organic coffee, and a sweet guy who sells 135 different varieties of Mexican honey.

The market is Sunday only and in the high tourist season that runs from November to End of May. While you’re at it, check out Punta Mita, right next door which Bill Gates now owns a chunk of or go a little further north and spend some time enjoying the hippie, surfer vibe of Sayulita. You can do it all and be back in P.V. or where ever you’re lucky enough to be staying on the Bay, in time for dinner.

Hop on a bus that says La Cruz and Sayulita on the front window.  I highly recommend the bus trip because of the great characters you will meet. Open up and have a conversation. I’ve seen musicians hop on and play, seen magicians do some tricks.  Doesn’t seem to matter if your Espanol is poquito and their Ingles isn’t any better. Somehow the good will and openness of Mexican people is the real language being spoken.


Going local, getting out and seeing the real people is the real joy of visiting here. It can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. That’s the magic of Mexico. And if you have any safety concerns please let me put them to rest. Sure, like any place, keep your eyes and ears open and your backpack closed, but I have been here for 3 years now, walked everywhere, day and night and never had an issue.

Here’s a little tip about Mexican eating. The big meal, La Comida is the 3:00 lunch. Our site will turn you on to the best places. Places you might not find on your own. Me, I can’t resist a funky little place with great food and cheap prices. I spent my life in NYC and traveled a lot so gourmet places usually don’t blow me away. But some vine draped café off the tourist tracks that serves, soupa, ensalada, a meat, chicken or fish, main course, a pitcher of drinks and dessert for $70-80 pesos. That’s about $4.00 U.S.D.  Now we’re talking.  Last week I tried something I never ate before.  Roasted cauliflower, in a cheese and tomato sauce. It was a knockout, something I will go back for again and again and it was attached to a gas station.

Things like that are just part of the things my partners Dave, Lori and I set out to do when we created this website and this blog.  Help you discover the best of the bay, including a local favorite that’s been doing tacos like you’ve never tasted before for more than 30 years. And if you’ve ever thought about  sending your mind and spirit on a shamanic trip of its own, we can arrange that for you too.

Thanks for tagging along. If you like how I write, check out my novel, The Suicide Sell on Amazon books. In fact, bring it to the beach.