Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Don’t believe in heaven? Come to Puerto Vallarta and you will.

Puerto Vallarta sunset

19 March, 2019

No matter what you believe in or don’t, when you set foot in Puerto Vallarta and any of the sweet towns around the Bay of Banderas, from Punta Mita to Yelapa, you’ll know that paradise exists.

From your first cup of Vera Cruz coffee and your first bite of Huevos Rancheros, fresh from a chicken that never saw a cage to the last clink of a glass at night, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. A place where what you love is all around you, and no one cares who you love.

Walking Hershey, my Lab yesterday, I found a happy surprise.  An ocean front message tent opened right next door.  Since my back’s been bothering me, I made an appointment for 10 a.m.

Take my word for it, it was heaven.  Complete with an angel of mercy who could earn beaucoup bucks in MMA or NFL. She kneaded me where I needed it and then some. I had to tap out once.

And what a setting. A regatta of sailboats catching the ocean winds just off shore. The waves, constant and gentle, like a mantra saying relax, let go, enjoy. The weather is perfect, the sky a flawless blue. The whales are in the Bay jumping for joy. Sea birds are swooping, the warm Mexican sun is lighting up the powder-white beaches. And these soft hands are sliding up my back. Never, has an hour, gone by so fast.

Which makes me ask this question. What are you doing there, when you could be here, watching the mists burn off the mountain jungles, listening to the whirl of blenders making magical concoctions to go with the scrumptious food?  You’ve never had a taco, amigo, unless you’ve had one made by a Mexican abuela, fresh off the griddle and stuffed with combinations it takes a lifetime to perfect.

You’ve never seen a place so chill, rock so hard.  You can pound your pulse at one of our infamous dance clubs or go 180 and park your toes in the sand with someone Muy Especial. Every sport, every activity, every romantic notion, every earthly desire is what this place is all about.  Plus the peso is at an all time low. So right now it’s a deal.

But, even with all P.V. and the Bay has going for it, the one thing that always stands out are the people you meet everyday. So sweet, so kind, such big smiles, an attitude of graciousness and generosity that makes a cab ride fun and every encounter something great you’ll remember. Everyone I’ve ever brought here is blown away by the intangibles that will make all your time here even better.

Check out before you come and we’ll help make this the best time ever.

And fyi, that amazing massage did have a happy ending. When I got off the table, no more pain.