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Cities of the Bay - About Bucerias

The beautiful town of Bucerias, Mexico which is 25-35 minutes to the north of Puerto Vallarta. Bucerias was a small fishing village founded in the 1930's oyster divers would dive to the depths of the bay and make their catch to sell at the local markets. To this day they have an annual oyster festival celebrating the oyster heritage. Over the last 10 years Bucerias has had an explosion of growth from Mexicans, Americans and Canadians trying to have their little slice of paradise in Bucerias. In 2018 the population of Bucerias has grown to over 25,000 people doubling over the last decade. Of course that number will nearly double during the winter months between December and April every year as visitors flock this beautiful beachfront town.

It is no wonder that everyone wants to go to Bucerias with over five miles of white sand beaches and unlike other areas, Bucerias beaches are nearly 30 meters wide so you have a lot of beach and because they have so much beach,  it is not very difficult for you to find your own little private spot of sand and if you want some action, you will find along the downtown beach area a number of restaurants and bars on the beach with entertainment and some great food. For visitors coming from Nuevo Vallarta and the north section of Flamingos resort, Bucerias beach is still within walking distance along the beach.

Bucerias Beach starts to the south side at Playa Bucerias which is just north of Flamingos, along this wide beautiful beach visitors enjoy cool nice breezes and gorgeous coconut palms. The ocean water in this area is a  section of Banderas Bay and has surf gentle enough for swimming and body surfing. Another wonderful feature of Playa Bucerias is that it’s much less crowded than so many of the more popular beaches.

The beach then goes north almost to Lacruz which make for a nice morning beach walk for anyone. The state of Nayarit has just remodeled all of the beach access points in Bucerias with new stairs, ramps, bathroom facilities, showering off areas and cute sitting areas.

Bucerias is a pretty good-sized village that has become a very popular destination with tourists but thankfully it still has maintained its original ambiance as an old and authentic Mexican village with exception of the highrise condos on some of the beaches but with all the colorful bougainvillea that line the town streets and a mixture of cobblestone, paved and dirt-path streets along which stand a wide variety of constructed homes of various sizes and multi colors. Bucerias is full of vibrant, delightful & charming people everywhere you go, it seems that the locals are always smiling. From the large open-air flea market to boutique shops selling art and a variety of  colorful items, this town has a distinct cosmopolitan flair.

Several bars and restaurants face the beach and most of them have chairs and tables right out on the sand which heightens the experience.  In addition you will find the new beachfront town square with a large variety of excellent restaurants, vendors in booths along the streets selling freshly-cooked food and tacos.

Bucerias has become the winter home to many Canadians and Americans over the years, many have purchased their vacation homes and enjoy this amazing village 6 months of every year and now many have taken the plunge and have made it their full time residences.

If you have not been to Bucerias before then it is a place you want to visit even if only a day trip.