Best of Banderas Bay Collaborates with Empower Vallarta to Alleviate Poverty One Entrepreneur at a Time

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Best of Banderas Bay has undergone a transformation into a community project aimed at promoting and supporting local entrepreneurs. We have partnered with Empower Vallarta, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals in the community. Our mission is to give back 100% of our profits to the Empower Vallarta network, providing assistance in education, training, financial…

Invest in Bahia de Banderas

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Time is now! Invest in Bahia de Banderas   Bahía de Banderas is everything one can hope for when talking about tourist destinations, it has as many attractions as can be named, making it one of the most visited and desired places, whether to spend a vacation or to live for more than one season.…

Peaches Do’s and Don’ts


Style tips from Vallarta’s Favorite Queen!   He’s obviously not afraid of color, this two-piece is giving me life and all kinds of gay humor. You can tell he likes to party. The chain tells me he’s either not afraid to flaunt what he’s got, or he likes big things…don’t we all. The Coach fanny…

Nuestra Sociedad

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  Photographer: Eder Acevedo,  E.A. Wedding Photography , @ederacevedophoto Assistant: Leslie Acevedo On the Bay we always aim to slay. This Halloween and Día de los Muertos was no exception. Follow us online to see more! Thanks to Hamburger Mary’s, Anonimo, Blondies, Catrina Cantina and The Swedes. Visit EA Wedding Photography

WWJD – What Would Jesucio Do?

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Sex, Love and Relationship advice from an international prostitute. Dear Jesucio, I had sex with a guy at a fetish party with no condom. I’ve never done it before, I feel shit, but he was SOOO cute! I have PREP but I haven’t started it yet, make me feel better! Fetish Queen Dear Fetish Queen,…



  The Corner esquina con Insurgentes, Basilio Badillo 330, Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta After a hot and sweaty day at Los Muertos beach, staring at a plethora of questionable speedo choices, I wandered past The Corner Martini & Cocktail Bar. Feeling damp and thirsty I walked inside to what felt like an oasis in the midst…

Waterfalls in a Garden of Eden

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  By Neil Gerlowski, Owner/operator, Ajolote Adventures   Vast stretches of Puerto Vallarta’s mountains are cloaked in lush forests teeming with a captivating array of biodiversity. The abundant rains of our summers keep these forests miraculously flowing with life-giving water even through to the ends of prolonged dry seasons when temperatures climb. Quite naturally, rivers…

Club Q is Coming!


  Inspired by the once famous Club Q in San Francisco, a monthly event which attracted over 1000 womxn from diversified backgrounds to come together and celebrate, is getting a new life here in Puerto Vallarta. It is designed by womxn for womxn, bringing unparalleled nights in safe spaces where they can have fun and…

Puerto Vallarta, is it really an inclusive port?

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Sergio Armando Sánchez Says the slogan of the municipal government, “Puerto Vallarta, is an Inclusive Port”, so is it really true? Perhaps in terms of rights and benefits, it is in terms of the lgbt population, due to the fact that in the Port we have a regulation to eliminate and prevent discrimination, same-sex couples…

What is it , and what does the Vallarta LGBT Collective do?

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By Hector Ramire Betancourt It is a group for the defense and promotion of the human rights of sexual diversity, respect, equity, responsibility, strength, solidarity and loyalty. Generating high-impact actions on sexual orientation and social and political incidence that help contribute to generate a society, where equal civil and human rights are guaranteed for the…