The Corner
esquina con Insurgentes,
Basilio Badillo 330,
Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta

After a hot and sweaty day at Los Muertos beach, staring at a plethora of questionable speedo choices, I wandered past The Corner Martini & Cocktail Bar. Feeling damp and thirsty I walked inside to what felt like an oasis in the midst of a cattle auction.
The smell of fresh flowers with a hint of new car wafting on the air conditioning thermals hit me hard and fast. I felt like I was climbing into an uber exec but with nicer upholstery.
The bar is intimate and beautifully designed with plush velvet couches, comfy bar stools, gorgeous floral arrangements, and even better eye candy behind the bar. Shirts supposedly come off at 10pm!
I started off with the Grapefruit Martini, which I have to say was a perfect balance of boozy and fresh. I am not a fan of sweet drinks, and this did not disappoint. I went classic after that with a Grey Goose Martini and was feeling fine.
It wasn’t until I noticed the peekaboo pissoire, that I decided to finish off with a White Lady and watch the floor show. For the gents and skilled women, beware, we can see you! Don’t worry, nothing is exposed except for those gorgeous looks of relief.
For the quality and price, you cannot go wrong.
Head on down to the Corner and as the sign says, “Let’s get un poquito fucked up!”




Elixir Mixology Bar
Basilio Badillo 419,
Zona Romantica, Puerto Vallarta

Ladies line up, the bar is open, and the cocktails are beyond! This gorgeous bar, which was created by two amazingly talented mixologists is like going home and being taken care of by your favorite auntie. That is if your auntie infuses her water with fresh fruits and mint, serves up delicious charcuterie and dips and makes mouth-watering cocktails.
The space itself is small but inviting with a secret lounge in the back.
They also host regular events for women by women with live DJ sessions Thursday nights.
As for the cocktails, they are infused with natural ingredients and syrups made in house, many of which are topped with a smoking bubble created from a vape like gun called the Flavor Blaster. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but this is one bubble you will want to burst, as its smoking aroma follows you with every sip.
Start your night off right with Happy Hour from 6-7pm, and a free beer with Tequila or Mezcal.
Whether you are looking to meet other people in the community or are just in the mood for a great cocktail, Elixir will not disappoint.
By the way, they make a mean G&T, harder to come by than you think!