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If you’re a lover of great food and the art of mixology, you’ll eat up Puerto Vallarta and the entire Bay of Banderas. From Tacos that will ring your bell to the heights of culinary masterpieces the Bay has it all.

You can dine with your toes in the sand, dress up and go all out, stay out all night at one of our heart-pounding dance clubs. You can walk the Malecon and crepe it up, visit the cake lady and have a slice of heaven. With the sea next door the seafood and fish is freshly caught and expertly made. The shrimp is fantastic and the oysters just right.

But whatever you desire, you will find in abundance. Start with an icy Cerveza, a frozen Margarita or a tempting Piña Colada or two and go from there. On the street on the beach or a romantic place that’s simply elegant, Puerto Vallarta and the entire bay is a food lovers, five star paradise.

Foodie Blogs

Eat like a local in Puerto Vallarta

Hungry for The Best Vacation of Your Life?

By IRV | Aug 27, 2019

One of the great parts of any vacation, is how well you’re going to eat. If you are lucky enough to deplane in Puerto Vallarta get ready for some of the best cuisine you’ve ever had in your life. How good, how varied, how exciting and delicious is dining in Puerto Vallarta and all the …


The Best Tequilas in Mexico

The Best Tequilas in Mexico

By IRV | Aug 1, 2019

The 2 things Mexico is famously known for, both begin with T. Tequila and Tacos. Now a lot has been written about Tacos, so lets talk a little about the other famous T. Tequila. Many will argue that their favorite is, The Best there is, but a little research and reading, opened up a whole…


Sunday Brunch at the Sheraton

The Best Sunday Brunch in Puerto Vallarta.

By IRV | July 25, 2019
Sunday Brunch at Sheraton Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you love Sunday brunch, you’ll love Sunday Brunch in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta and all the towns around Banderas Bay are so blessed with amazing, delectable places for Sunday Brunch they are hard to count. Our Lady of Gastronomy has found a home right here. So, if ....

Blake's Restaurant & Bar - Puerto Vallarta

The Number One Sports Bar for Canadians Isn’t in Canada. It’s in Puerto Vallarta.

By IRV | July 5, 2019
When the sky gets grey and the winds turn cold, millions of Canadians turn Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, into the 11th province. As many as 2 million Canadians, wing their way to Mexico for the winter season, and many to Puerto Vallarta. When they do, they come to the number one sports bar of Canadians, Blake’s Restaurant … >>> READ MORE

shrimp quesadilla at Tacos Mar y Tierra

In A City of Great Tacos, This One Reigns Supreme.

By IRV | May 31, 2019

Now, I will begin by saying that almost everyone in Puerto Vallarta and all the cool little towns around the Bay of Banderas has a secret taco spot where the make the best taco’s on the bay.  But trust me, if you want to get on the express train to the best of the best …


Seafood Lunch by the Sea

Eat, comer, manger, mangia, essen. Calling all foodies, it’s restaurant week in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

By IRV | May 21, 2019

If you love to eat, love to celebrate, love to enjoy gastronomic treats, you’ve got until June 10th to do it to the max. Restaurant Week, put on by the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and the Riviera Nayarit Visitors Bureau runs through June 10th and this year an amazing 61 restaurants listed below are preparing to … >>> READ MORE

tacos in Puerto Vallarta

Blue-eyed boy on the bay. Taco Tales.

By IRV | Apr 17, 2019

Say to someone anywhere in Puerto Vallarta that you’ve found the absolute best Taco on Banderas Bay and you will start a war. Everyone, in this taco heaven has their favorite one and their favorite place.  It’s really amazing that the simple taco has so many ardent fans but not when you taste some. Like … >>> READ MORE

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