The Best of Banderas Bay

The Best Tequilas in Mexico

The Best Tequilas in Mexico - Best of Banderas Bay

The 2 things Mexico is famously known for, both begin with T. Tequila and Tacos. Now a lot has been written about Tacos, so lets talk a little about the other famous T. Tequila.

Many will argue that their favorite is, The Best there is, but a little research and reading, opened up a whole new world of high-end, small-batch, ultra-premium sipping materials that will make your night. And like the helpful guy I am, I did the sipping for you. Lucky me.

If you’re a gringo, probably all you know is Cuervo, but trust me, while good, there is a whole world of exotic, gourmet, expensive and over-the-top brands that will open your eyes, or close them perhaps, to the Tequila you should know. It will be like getting out of a Taurus and getting into a Benz.

Before we get going, here are some Best Tequila designations (types) you should know.

Blanco. That’s obvious, it’s the clear white brew.

Reposado. That means rested and aged and a pretty shade of gold

Anejo. That means vintage

Antano o Extra Anejo. Extra aged.

Tequila shots in Mexico


Now that we’ve got that down, which are the truly amazing ones you won’t want to leave Puerto Vallarta without sampling.

El Tesoro Paradiso

7 Leguas

Don Julio 1942

Herradura. From a maker over 150 years old

Centenarro. Also from a 150 old maker and made from 100% Blue Agave.

Clase Azul

Avion Reserve.

I have also tried the micro- batch, a few bottles at a time, brands you can find in gourmet Tequila shops all around Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas.

Once you’ve tried true tequila in the land it comes from, you will view that sleek shot glass in a whole new way. Like the amazing authentic food, and the amazing sweetheart people there is so much to discover and fall in love with here in Puerto Vallarta and around Banderas Bay. Come hungry and thirsty. Go home tan and happy.



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