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Info & Tips - Emergency Numbers

No traveler is fully equipped without an emergency directory. No one really likes to think about such possibility but is always better to be prepared than caught by surprise. Without regards of you being a resident or visitor, it is always better to be ready before things happen.

Please find below a list of important phone numbers so you'll have them when needed.

Emergency Phone Numbers

On January 9, 2017, 911 was introduced as the general number for emergencies in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.
This replaced all previous numbers for fire, paramedic, police and lifeguards. These were before: 060 local police / 061 state & Federal District judicial police / 065 Red Cross / 066 National system for citizen emergencies / 068 fire emergencies / 080 Security & emergency calls.


Ambulance Services

Red Cross Ambulance: 222-1533
Global Ambulance: 226-1014


Ameri-Med Hospital: 226-2080
Cornerstone Hospital: 224-9400
San Javier Hospital: 226-1010
Medasist Hospital: 223-0444
C.M.Q. Hospital: 223-1919
I.M.S.S. Hospital: 224-3838
Regional Hospital: 224-4000

In Bucerias & La Cruz

Police Department in case of emergency:
291-0049 • 291-0666
General emergency number: 066
Police, Bucerias & La Cruz: 298-1020
Civil Protection (Fire, Ambulance): 291-0295
Ambulance, Santa Rosa Clinic: 298-0157

In Sayulita

From any standard land line: 066
From Mexican cell phones: 080
To Report Suspicious Activity: 045-322-141-5994

Other Important Phone Numbers

American Consulate: (322) 222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145
Canadian Consulate: (322) 293-0098
Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484
Consumer Protection (PROFECO): 225-0000
Immigration Office: 221-1380
National Telegraph: 224-7970
Electric Company (CFE): 071

Water Company (SEAPAL): 223-1516
Municipal Services: 223-2500
Tourist Protection: 223-2500
Ministerio Publico: 222-1762
Animal Protection: 221-0078
Wake-Up Service: 031

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