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By Michelle Nava
Certified yoga teacher, registered teacher trainee specialized in prenatal yoga. ERYT-200, YACEP, and PRYT by Yoga Alliance

There is a lot to be said about Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay and rightfully so, most everyone talks about the best food, the best party spots, and activities, but something you do not hear people talk about balance in your life with matter whether you live you are just visiting for vacation, you should alw the time to center and gr yourself and yoga is a g way to do it.

You may have heard the word yoga more than once, maybe you have taken a class or more, maybe it is the first time you hear about this discipline you read this. Let me tell you something, it took me 14 understand how yoga is every day important to work on and your spirit.

Let me start by explaining what yoga does to humans, with the more palpable part of this practice, which is the physical part. It stretches the muscular system in a way that you can feel as if your muscles are breathing. It gives maintenance to your skeletal system by strengthening, lengthening, and opening space on your spinal cord. Yoga detoxes your digestive system, giving you the same feeling as eating healthy more and more as you are building up your practice. Remember when you do not feel like it, this is the most important time to commit to having your yoga practice. There are 12 major benefits but let's talk about only the 3 most important and the benefits that yoga gives to your body and all things that will make your stay in Banderas Bay that much better.


When you commit yourself to a constant practice of yoga, your mind starts to center itself, not an easy task, but it is possible with your commitment to be a balanced and content being, for you and for everyone around you.



Human emotions are complex, it is a whole language that not everybody is willing to explore. With yoga, you start to be more in touch with your emotions, so, the magic starts to happen as you get in touch with uncomfortable emotions instead of making them disappear with substances or distractions outside. When that happens, you are in the path of self-knowledge and that is pure magic and bliss, believe me.


And last but not the least, what yoga does to your spirit, it connects you back to your higher self, to your intuition and if you are persistent in your practice, most likely you will find what your mission is on this planet and remember who you are.

Does Yoga sound appealing to you? For me, it changed my life completely 15 years ago. From being a party animal using drugs in NYC, yoga shaped me from the inside out and connected me back to my source of health, energy, love, power, and contentment. I am infinitely grateful for all that yoga has done for me. So, during your stay with us in this paradise Banderas Bay, join in on a local yoga class on the beach or contact us for a private class at your hotel, villa, or Airbnb. We can take you to some beautiful spots to really get the maximum benefit from this practice. Even if you have never done yoga before, instructors are trained to teach you and work with you at your own pace.


 Visit my website for more information: www.espiralyogaestudiopv.com

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