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This is the best way to see the town, meet the local people, enjoy the views, take photos, breathe and really live the experience. You can walk almost anywhere in downtown areas of each city in the bay. Make sure you have the right shoes, stilettos and cobblestones don’t always agree.  It is very safe to walk around. If you get tired along the way, there is always a bus right around the corner.

You will really enjoy walking the streets around the cities of Banderas Bay and be sure and say hello to the many locals hanging out all throughout the bay. They are super friendly and proud people that enjoy their country and the people that visit.


Taxis are everywhere in Vallarta and throughout the bay. What are the rates? Good question Taxis do not have meters around the bay but have an exact fare, but be sure to ask first. Generally in town rates run 40-60 pesos ($2.5 or $3.5 dollars).

If you are planning to go to a restaurant or tour, do not let the taxi driver talk you into going to some other "better" place, he's probably taking you to one he'll receive a commission from and generally not as good.

Local Buses

The buses are great around the bay and a very easy and affordable way to get around Banderas Bay. Plus they can be lots of fun and full of locals. Some of the most comfortable buses are the ATM buses that move from Jalisco to Nayrit. These buses depart from the Walmart and take passengers to the many cities to the North of Puerto Vallarta such as Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Lacruz, Punta Mita and Sayulita.

On many trips on any of the local buses, don't be surprised if some type of entertainer leaps on board to sing, dance, clown around or some just get on to sell candy or collect for charities. I noticed that many Mexicans tend to tip a few pesos whether the entertainment is good or not.

Fares on all buses in Puerto Vallarta are 10 pesos. ATM buses run 10 pesos to 25 pesos depending how far you are taking the bus.


Uber is in some of the towns around the bay, but not all. The app works without a hitch and the drivers were all very calm, efficient and friendly.



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