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Health on the Bay

Not only is the Puerto Vallarta blessed with perfect weather and wonderful people; it is blessed with some of the best medical and dental professionals on the planet. There are 7 major hospitals and numerous medical clinics scattered throughout the Banderas Bay area. Each of them certified and feature advanced infrastructure for high-level procedures, skilled physicians and dental professionals and all the latest advancements in the medical arts. 

The entire P.V. area and Bay of Banderas offers literally 1,000’s of hours of expert experience. Our medical and dental expertise is world-class and world renowned and range from Plastic Surgery to Liposuction to Dental Implants, often at about 50% of the cost of similar services in the U.S. and Canada.

Each year millions of people travel abroad for medical and dental care and each year more and more U.S. and Canadian citizens find a level of care and results unrivaled here on the Bay. Many choose to combine their procedures with a healing vacation and return home looking and feeling better than they have for years.

Puerto Vallarta also features numerous alternative care options from nutritional therapy to Stem Cell therapy, regenerative medicine, Botox, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Ozone treatments as well as holistic Bio spas. And we can help you find exactly the services and the professionals who provide them listed below.

And that goes for your precious animal companions and pets too. Exceptional Veterinary care around the Bay is second to none and available at significant savings.

As always you should research carefully as you would with any medical professional anywhere before you proceed.