Hot Time. Summer in The City.

Best of Banderas Bay summertime family vacation in Puerto Vallarta

18 June, 2019

If the only reason to come to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or any of the other cool little towns around Banderas Bay was the weather here, and the weather there, that would be reason enough. But even when it’s hot all over, the towns on the Bay are still both the hottest and the coolest vacation spots in the world.

Just think how great it would feel to splash in a body temperature ocean you won’t want to get out of. To sit on warm white sands with an ice-cold cocktail in your hand looking up at a liquid blue sky.  To walk the famous Malecon without a million other visitors and be able to book all the activities you heart could desire with ease.

People ask me all the time what summer is like here in P.V. and around Banderas Bay. What the rainy season is like. How humid is it.  I immediately think back to summer in NYC ,  hanging off a strap on the subway, trying to find some air to breathe and smile.

Sure it’s hot, but no hotter than anywhere else. Didn’t San Francisco hit 100 degrees last week and Puerto Vallarta is nowhere that hot, high 80’s during the day and delightfully cool at night. Remember, we’re on the ocean with all its cooling offshore breezes. I’ve been lucky enough to live in this amazing place for 3 years and it’s only rained for a bit at night leaving the days as perfect as ever.

All the things that make P.V. the best vacation spot in the world are happening 24/7. All the things that make P.V. the #1, best choice for LGBTers are rolling. The chefs are still turning out world-class cuisine. The parasailers are still filling the skies. The divers and snorkelers are still loving our amazing waters. The dolphins are still jumping over the waves. Private yachts are still filling the docks. Cruise ships are still pulling in almost everyday. Blenders are still whirling and dance clubs are still throbbing.

And best of all, our site, still knows all the best places to eat, drink, dance, visit so all you have to do is come and enjoy. If all you’re looking for is some beach and some water, you can find that in a lot of places, but if,  like me, you think summer is the best time of all, come spend it in the best place there is, as it was just voted by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Puerto Vallarta and the entire Bay of Banderas.

January or July, April or August is always the best time to be here with us. Easily the best place to find the best time of your life. Come say hell-o when you get her, Dave and I would love to share the place we both love so much.