It’s National Taco Day, Everyday, in Puerto Vallarta.

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It Was National Taco Day in the US Last Friday. It’s National Taco Day, Everyday, in Puerto Vallarta.

By bestofbay | Oct 7, 2019

Hahahahaha, so it was national taco day in El Norte last Friday and Taco Bell wants to ring your chimes. Well, I’ve got a much better idea, maybe they should schedule a little side trip down Puerto Vallarta way and see the way it’s really done.

It takes more than a tortilla and some fillings to make a true taco, it takes love and a family tradition that goes way back. Here, in Puerto Vallarta, tacos are art forms and the competition for the best is intense. On every street corner, across the Bay of Banderas, from Punta Mita to Yelapa, you can find a taco that will make you understand why billions of tacos are eaten everyday and your knees go weak with delight.

It’s said the first tacos were served by Cortez at an official state dinner. Others say they were created in the silver mines as an easy way to eat something with one free hand. However, they started out, they ended up being a world favorite.

My favorite, Mar y Tierra in Colonia Versalles in PV, serves only 4 different kinds. You can do a steak asada or beef or a fried shrimp or fish with field fresh veggies. I never let a week pass without dropping in for 2 or 3.

One of P.V.’s favorites, Pancho’s Tacos, behind Chedraui in Nuevo, serves a wide variety from fresh fish to al pastor, a layered pork creation grilled to perfection on long hot spits by taco masters.

Best of all, PV offers so many great ways to walk it off on the Malecon, along our 51 miles of pristine beaches, to the hundreds of shops, boutiques and galleries for your other senses. Of course, the crepe makers and cake lady also want to lure your over, but a little overdoing it, makes life worth living.

If you can’t get here today, come tomorrow or next week or next month. There’s a wonderful abuela, (grandma) patting some freshly made tortillas for her heavenly tacos right now, because its Taco Day every day here in paradise. Hope you are hungry amigos.