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You want to see, taste and live a caribbean experience while you are enyoing your time in Puerto Vallarta?

Guess what? We have the best spot for you to come and discover.

Kasava Taste a Fuzion of flavors of the world.

Pollo Al Carbon (Grilled Chicken done on the BBQ/Grill/Charcoal) with a selection of well-crafted sauces to choose from including, Tropical Hot (Mango Habanero), Peanut & a special curry that is not just to die for but to live for!

Do you like ribs? at Kasava Taste are hands down the best barbeque ribs in Puerto Vallarta It´s a big portion of truly tender meat that falls right off the bone. Perfectly done.

Now, there’s also a truly hidden gem on the menú that, in the mix of great meats, may get overlooked but definitely shouldn´t. The vegetarian eggrolls (lumpias) with Mango Salsa. Not a meal but a starter that inspires the inner-debate, “Should I really be ordering 3 appetizers?” These things are the bomb dot com, are totally vegan and make the tummy smile.

We are looking forward to please your palate and put you to dance with our flavors.

Note from LadyKasava:

“I would tell you that Carribean Fusion is my goal. Dishes that unify the tastebuds in a glorious chorus of – Wow that was Good! -”