Life is a Beach

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Where is your happy space in life? Is it filled with FUN, love and great energy? Waterfalls are one of nature’s most powerful, picturesque and magical wonders. Beautiful scenes and sounds of water cascading down the rocks create such a profound oasis for healing, relaxation and FUN. Banderas Bay has some of the most majestic waterfalls, allowing you to experience and connect with nature’s high vibrational energy frequencies. The lovely waterfalls in Quimixto present the perfect natural opportunity to connect, align and experience these same natural frequencies which exists in all of us. When one connects with nature, we can access a higher state of consciousness tapping into beauty, peace and calmness. This is where LOVE originates, deep within you, vibrating with perfect natural europhoric feelings and emotions. LOVE lives here; the great awakening of love vibes. We are very powerful in being able to choose and create our FUN experiences. The sheer magnitude of the powerful force of water cascading down a waterfall can be compared to just how powerful we are. It is an intense powerful feeling and thrilling sensation swirling around you. Or you can choose a more calmer, quieter and serene waterfall for some meditative relaxation. A peaceful sense of swimming or just allowing yourself to float in the calmer pool of a waterfall. Whichever powerful section of the waterfall you choose in Quimixto, you will be energized and refreshed. An amazing encounter with nature which instills a high vibration of great energy and LOVE. This vibration is our natural state of being, and meant to be shared with others in our journey. Embrace and enjoy this happy space with gratitude, and be sure to spread the FUN and LOVE to others always; all ways. The FUN adventure to Quimixto waterfalls is about a half hour scenic walk into the jungle from the beach. Another fun adventurous option is to go horse back riding to the waterfalls. Either way is a very happy space. Reiki energy healing is another popular choice for natural healing. Reiki is the Ancient Healing Art of Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is an unconditional LOVE that accelerates the natural healing of one’s mind, body and spirit. A natural healing technique, whereby Universal Energy is transmitted through a Reiki Practitioner’s hands, onto to a client. Distant Healing is also available. Reiki works on your body’s energy centers, called Chakras, as well as your aura. Clients report a calming sense of peace and relaxation, as well as profound healing and insight after sessions. Waterfalls, the beach and Reiki Energy sessions are some of the perfect natural choices for creating your optimal health and happiness. “The Only Thing that Matters is LOVE, Everything Else is an illusion” KH See you at the Beach, hopefully at a waterfall, a happy space, because Life’s a Beach! Stay FREE and happy. KATREENA Reiki Master Without Borders World Traveler Reiki Sessions/Classes Business Consulting and FUN LIFE Coach FB Msngr: Katreena Harrison Email:


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