Life’s a Beach


Where is your happy space in life? Is it filled with FUN, love, and great energy?

Any time spent at the beach always captures the pure healing essence of nature and joy. The beach is a magical experience, which allows one to transcend to a higher vibration as endorphins are released throughout the body. It is a happy natural healing oasis, which profoundly activates and effects all our senses.

This natural transcendence allows our bodies, mind, and spirit to relax and begin your magical special journey. All your senses begin to open, creating a euphoric experience for your happy space.

The beach journey first captures your sense of sight. The magnificent shades of blue and turquoise water in the bay can be seen as far as the eye can see. The occasional sighting of whales, dolphins and various fish jumping out of the water is a spectacular experience. Seeing people swimming with big smiles and hearing the laughter of beach fiestas creates priceless memories of FUN.

Hearing the natural rhythm of the waves crashing onto the shore; then gently cascading and gliding over the rocks is so soothing to hear. The scent of saltwater mist and the ocean; always brings back fond memories and a desire to want to return again. Salt water is medicinal. We all have energy bodies around us called auras. Sea salt water is an excellent choice to clear and cleanse your aura. The feeling after a nice swim is so refreshing.

Walking barefoot on the sand directly connects you to the natural rhythm of Gaia, Mother Earth. This frequency allows your body to make a direct connection with the vibration of Earth. The vibrational frequency of the earth is said to be at 432 Hz. This amazing connection creates such a calming happy feeling. We can all create our happy spaces. Yes, we are all that powerful.

Nature’s art is abundant at the beach. Holding beach rocks and shells, is holding perfect nature in your hand. Puerto Vallarta is a unique special beach scene, where art combines with nature. The Malecon is lined with beautiful and interesting bronze sculptures. The sunsets are spectacular here in the bay. It is nature’s blank canvas, creating amazing artwork, as the brilliant colors slowly brush the sky. The sunset is a perfect time of day for gratitude and to feel the LOVE vibes which permeate all around us.

YOU get to create and pull in your choices of location and natural healing techniques for your Happy Space. When you allow yourself to heal, to feel the love vibe in your happy space; you not only empower yourself, but you also empower humanity to survive and thrive. Whether you choose to enjoy the beauty and health benefits of the beach alone, or with friends, you will always leave feeling energized and happy.

Another popular choice for natural healing is Energy work. Reiki is the ancient spiritual healing art of Universal Life Force Energy; an unconditional LOVE that accelerates the natural healing of your mind, body, and spirit. It is a natural healing
technique whereby Universal Energy is transmitted through a Reiki Practitioner’s hands, onto the client. Distant Healing is also available. Reiki works on your body’s
energy centers, the Chakras, as well as your aura. Clients report a calming sense
of relaxation and peace, as well as profound healing and insight after sessions.

The beach, nature, LOVE, and Reiki Energy sessions are some of the perfect natural choices in creating your optimal health and happiness.

“The Only Thing that Matters is LOVE…Everything Else is an Illusion” KH

See you at the Beach, the happy space, because Life’s a Beach!
Stay free and happy.

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