By Sergio Armando Sánchez Rubalcaba

When everything on the outside and in our environment manifests itself in ways that certainly can affect us in a not so pleasant way, and that, consequently, can have a harmful effect on our health, it is the best and most opportune time to resume our focus within ourselves, this being the most important way to take care of our health.

But what do we mean by focusing inward of ourselves? Well, simply to see those habits, actions and attitudes that we have been adopting over the months and years, and give ourselves the time to analyze if they are the ones that bring us closer to or away from that path of well-being that each person seeks in a personal way.

Looking at ourselves and realizing our eating, resting, exercising and coexistence habits, that is, an introspection beyond just the superficial. It is at this time that we make the decision whether we really want to do something for our health, or simply let ourselves be carried away by those external agents that try to make us think that health can be bought.

Health care, and, above all, when what we want is to achieve health care in a much more natural way, it must represent a true commitment to ourselves and to our closest beings, we must assume responsibility with ourselves to correct what damages us and to be able to modify those habits that deteriorate us, for new ones, that allow us to achieve a fuller, healthier life and in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Every big change comes with a strong shake, but in the end, it's always worth it.