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Cities of the Bay - About Mismaloya

The meaning behind the word "Mismaloya" can be described as a "place where they grab fish with their hands", and it can be found in the Nahuatl language (michmaloyan).

This marvelous beach became very famous all over the world for it was the scene of the movie "The Night of the Iguana" during the 60's, a movie from John Huston based on the work of Tennessee Williams, and the casting included stars such as Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr, and Ava Gardner.

Mismaloya is a very small village, along the coast of the Banderas Bay, in the Mexican state of Jalisco [Xalixco] "on the surface of the sand". Mismaloya is south of Puerto Vallarta, on Highway 200.

Offering a tropical wet and dry climate while featuring stable, warm temperatures throughout the whole year. There are two distinct seasons; June through October is the wet season while November through May is the dry season.

You may find here one of the most beautiful botanical gardens of all Mexico. It is the perfect day activity to enjoy with family and if you are into birds, there will be a huge variety in this part of the coast.