No Seaweed Anywhere on Puerto Vallarta’s Clean, Spectacular Beaches

Los Muertos Beach, Puerto Vallarta

28 June, 2019

A Perfect Vacation Needs a Perfect Beach

Let’s say you choose the Bay of Banderas because of its 51 miles of spectacular beaches. Let’s say you came to Puerto Vallarta for all the 5-star resorts and hotels.  The wide, gentle Pacific. The amazing people, art, shopping. Those alone contribute to making Puerto Vallarta one of the best travel destinations in the world. Now there’s a whole new delicious reason to visit if one of your passions is eating like a king. From a little hole in the wall, selling the world’s best tacos to a five-star, world-class gastronomic palace of pleasures with Michelin stars. Puerto Vallarta never disappoints.

While our neighbors in the Yucatan are suffering from the invasion of sargassum, the seaweed that is washing ashore up and down the Caribbean, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and the sweet towns around the Bay of Banderas are perfecto, covered with happy, tanned bodies, colorful beach towels and beach chairs, sunbrellas and laughter instead, with no seaweed anywhere in sight to spoil the view.

One of the number one beaches in the world

Puerto Vallarta is the number one vacation spot in the world for so many reasons. But one of the biggest is the 51 miles of amazing beautiful and wonderfully clean beaches coastline and beaches around Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. As a travel writer, I have been up and down the many islands and places people vacation in and one thing I am and you can be sure of, Puerto Vallarta is at the top of every list as the best vacation spot in the world. Conde Nast Travelers Magazine survey has us as #1. And if you’re part of the LGBT community, you probably know that P.V. is the numero uno destination for gay visitors around the world.

The beaches of Puerto Vallarta will make you happy as a clam

The sand is pure white perfection. The ocean a sparkling clean, warm jewel. Just ask the whales and dolphins that are here to share it with you or any of the more than 2.7 million visitors that come here each year and they’ll tell you Puerto Vallarta is # 1 for its pristine and safe beaches. You can find spots to challenge the surfer in you. Spots for the snorkler and diver in you. And spots perfect for doing nothing at all but enjoying yourself.  The first time you stick your toes touch our wide stunning beaches you will see why visitors fall in love with this magic place.

Sea weed? You won’t see it here.

Here in Puerto Vallarta you’ll see everything you can hope for in a vacation destination without seeing anything you don’t want. Looking for great food?  All the towns around Banderas Bay towns have it all, better than you’ve ever had it, from street side taco stands to 5 star gourmet . The freshest seafood? That’s what you get when you vacation on the sea. Tons of activities from art galleries to zip lines. If you want it, we’ve got it. There’s nothing you can’t do here, including doing nothing at all.

The best vacation weather ever.

As perfectly clean as the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are, the weather is just as perfect Even in rainy season, the summer, it only rains a bit at night. Maybe that why the people around the bay are the friendliest, sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet. They will not only open their homes but their heart to you and they will definitely steal your heart with how open and genuinely nice they are.

Come see how sparkling clean our beaches are

The way I see it, vacations are precious, so why chance it and visit some place with issues and concerns when here in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay the only thing you’ll be unhappy about is when you have to leave. And by the amount of new construction, new condos and resorts it’s a sure bet that the word is out about just how great P.V. is. Come see our sea and our amazing clean beaches for yourself and look for me. Tall, tan gringo with a big smile.