Caribbean Having A Seaweed Invasion, Not in Puerto Vallarta

Best Beaches around Banderas Bay

12 August, 2019

If you’re planning your vacation right now we know there are things you want to see, and things you don’t and there is no seaweed in Puerto Vallarta

You want to see the best beaches.  Puerto Vallarta and the 51 miles of pure white, sandy beaches along Banderas Bay, from Punta Mita to Yelapa, are among the most pristine and beautiful in the world.

You want to see a body temperature gentle ocean that’s a favorite of swimmers, divers, surfers, kite sailers and of course giant whales, school of dolphins and streaks of rays zooming through the clear, clean waters with no seaweed in Puerto Vallarta.

You want to see the best restaurants run by 5 star chefs. You want to see the best local tacos stands, with devoted taco lovers standing in line to get them.

You want to see the best clubs that pulse till dawn. You want to see great places to shop. Galleries full of fabulous art.  If you’re LGBTQ, you want to see why Puerto Vallarta is the #1, best, gay-friendly, vacation spot in the world.

You want to see the best live music, best fishing charters, luxury yachts. You want to enjoy the best, easy to get to day-trips to all the fabulous little towns and cultural sites from amazing architecture to lush botanical gardens.

You want to see sweet, helpful people who make it a pleasure to serve you well with big smiles and no attitude.  You want to see para-sails go by, wave runners zoom by and the day go by in spectacular ways or just holding the best Margarita you’ve ever had hanging out in a hand woven hammock under a swaying palm like I do.

You want to see the best of the mountains, jungle and sea. The best resorts, hotels and condos and homes. And when you get your bill for all your fun, you want to see that paradise can be a bargain with the peso around 20 to the USD.

What you don’t want to see is seaweed on the waves or on the beach. And here in Puerto Vallarta you won’t see any seaweed in Puerto Vallarta, as far as your eyes can see.

That’s why so many happy visitors come back to Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas each year and it keeps growing and growing. Come and see all the best of it, yourself.

To help you see all the best of Puerto Vallarta and the town around the Bay of Banderas, we’ve created  It’s the ultimate “best of” site for Puerto Vallarta.

I wish you the best, saludos