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By Sergio Armando Sánchez

In order to start changing habits and look for this benefit in our health, it is important to bear in mind that the easiest way to start is by defining one habit at a time, and then execute it, in such way that when you look back in a few weeks and then a few months, we will have made changes in at least 3 or 4 habits, which already represents an extraordinary progress.

As far as the subject of exercise, we said that we can start small, and the easiest thing is to set a goal of going for a walk at least 30 minutes a day. The important thing about promoting the habit, at first, it is not the result of the exercise itself, but actually generating that discipline of complying with the activity. This will serve as a guideline so as later not to fail some activity more focused on results, such as doing some kind of physical activity outdoors, or going to a gym, signing up for a sports center or taking a personalized training, an alternative that by the way, we will go into more detail in the future.

Well, regularly being able to get used to some new activity takes us between 17 and 24 days, this is important to know because not all of us respond in the same way to changes, and if it is important that our commitment begins with ourselves, understanding that at the At least 24 days we must make an effort and discipline ourselves to fulfill our purpose of renewing or acquiring a new habit.

The benefits of starting with these changes are very rewarding, and although they can be challenging at first, always reaching the goal and achieving what we set out to do is truly rewarding.

Finally, do not forget to reward yourself in a positive way for your progress, either with a massage, a walk or some activity that helps you recognize your achievement for your own benefit.