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By Sergio Armando Sánchez 

In the understanding that physical well-being is one of the fundamental pillars of our health, it is important to approach it from those actions that allow us to keep it balanced and help us to strengthen this pillar in health.

Having the following habits, consistently and dedicatedly, will help us maintain a good relationship with our own physical health.

The first thing is to activate ourselves physically. From simple activities like walking to doing exercise of greater intensity three to four times a week is a good start.

Also, a balanced diet and adequate hydration are important. With this we help our system work better, so that nutrients reach our body properly.

Rest is also a fundamental part.  It allows us a correct physical recovery and it is also the period in which our body cleanses and regenerates.

If we start by modifying and correcting these 3 habits in our lives, appropriately we will be taking a great step towards our well-being in a natural way. It is clear that we can take many other actions as well, however, when we talk about changing habits it is advisable to start with small steps, but very firm ones.