Play on the bay. Let your inner child come out and play.

surfing in Punta Mita

4 June, 2019

Puerto Vallarta and all the great little towns around the Bay of Banderas are one big giant sandbox yelling “come on out and play” and we definitely agree, because there is no better playground anywhere than our little slice of heaven.

Whatever you love, whatever your pleasure, you’ll find it here in spades and yes we do have exciting casinos too. It seems that millions of visitors agree, since every year, 3.7 million, sun-starved, taco yearning, ocean loving visitors show up and never want to leave. If you’re an art lover, we’ve got galleries galore. Me, I'm particularly partial to the skeleton figures in their evening clothes in the cool little galleries around the bay.

I also love the beaded artwork from the Huichol Indians who must have the nimblest fingers in the world as they string together everything from tiny crabs to giant lizards sculptures with millions of brightly colored, hand-strung beads.

On the other side of the alphabet, you’ll find our jungle canopies filled with zip lines delivering their share of thrills. The sapphire blue skies bounce parasailers along on their soft white clouds, kite-sailers speed by as whales breach the surf behind them and dolphins join in the jump. Boats of all sizes and shapes, play the waters from kayaks to private yachts with helicopters on their rear decks.

Speaking of jumping we’ve got some of the hottest dance clubs in the world where you can shake your booty till the sun comes up. Whether you’re gay or straight, hot or cool, tall or short, speak French, Spanish or English, if you want to play on the bay, you will have the time of your life

That’s got to make you thirsty and hungry and the good news is P.V. and the entire Bay of Banderas is filled with great places to eat and drink and play on the bay till you’re all played out.

Playing on the bay means sports galore, riding the waves, surfing the swells, casting you lines in the surf or toss your lines out to the tons of beautiful people you’ll see all around you.

You can play on the bay in the mountains, the charming small colonial towns from the beach to the jungle, visit our stunning botanical gardens, watch silver smiths, weavers, artisans and music makers, visit a churro stand, have some creamy horchata, a cold plate of ceviche, some guac and chips or just sit in one of the many cool cafes that line the famous Malecon and watch the luxury yachts and cruise ships come in.

However you want to play, there’s no place on earth as enjoyable to do it in, than on the Bay of Banderas . The only thing you won’t like is leaving. To make it easier to find the best of the bay, visit our website, It’s the best of the best in the best place on earth to come and play in. You worked hard, you deserve to play, or rest, or dance and sing. Come and do it, life is short. Make yourself happy.