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Real Estate on the Bay

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Whether you’re looking for a great property to rent or buy or you’re selling one, you’ll find the perfect place to showcase it right here at The Best of Banderas Bay, the place where millions of visitors to Puerto Vallarta and the towns around the Bay of Banderas come to, before they come to visit here.

You’ll be in good company because travelers, sellers and buyers all want to be listed on the site that ranks #1 for the best of the bay. If you’re looking for the best real estate listings in Puerto Vallarta and the Bay, you’ve come to the right place.

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Real Estate Blogs

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By Pedro | November 11, 2021

By Sergio Armando Sánchez  In the understanding that physical well-being is one of the fundamental pillars of our health, it…

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Banderas Bay

By Pedro | November 9, 2021

By Sergio Armando Sánchez  A true paradise located in the Mexican Pacific. Located between the states of Nayarit and Jalisco,…

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Puerto Vallarta, is it really an inclusive port?

By Pedro | October 31, 2021

Sergio Armando Sánchez Says the slogan of the municipal government, “Puerto Vallarta, is an Inclusive Port”, so is it really…

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By Pedro | October 29, 2021

By Sergio Armando Sánchez  Waking up with a sunrise of warm sunlight, shines and whispers of the sea in the…

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