Science Says Going to The Beach Makes Us Happy. If So, Puerto Vallarta Will Make You Delirious.

10 September, 2019

Many say happiness is a state of mind, but I say it’s also a state of place. And if you want to be very happy, I know just the place.

Puerto Vallarta is the center of the spectacular Bay of Banderas. A crescent of 51 miles of pure white sand beaches, on the gentle Pacific. You can take your pick of some of the best beaches in the world from the northern tip of Punta Mita to the southern tip of Yelapa beach, with its fantasy island vibe and iguanas the size of small dogs.

You can choose a hammock under a swaying palm, be served some icy cervezas or creamy piña coladas while you’re getting the tan of your life. See all those massage stands? How about an hour of magical healing hands, with the ocean lulling you to peace, for about $20?

Board of lying there? Hop on a wave runner, paddle boards, surfboard, giant tube and float your way to bliss.  Will vendors hassle you? They may wave at you, but you’ll be amazed at how friendly and polite they are when you wave them off.

Beached out for the day? You can pick a Palapa restaurant, have a sensational meal then opt for one of their chaises and just chill out in the warm sun. When night falls, you’ll fall in love with the lively Malecon, the pulsing dance clubs, the 100’s of super eateries, the street side taco stands. The shops, the boutiques, galleries and more.

To make you even happier, Dave and I put together to guide you to the best of the best. Come and visit, happiness is contagious, come and get your share.



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