Summertime and the living is easy.

Los Muertos Pier Puerto Vallarta

23 May, 2019

High season is winding down and those of us lucky enough to call Puerto Vallarta or any of the cool little towns around Banderas bay home, have all the amazing things we love about it here, back for ourselves with less crowds and less tourists. Which makes it one of the best times of the year to come here.

A spectacular beach resort like P.V. and the Bay of Banderas isn’t just spectacular when its cold up north, it’s spectacular all year long. The Bay is still sparkling. The sands are still snow white, whales and dolphins are still jumping, the chefs are still stirring up some magic, the mountains are still tall and the jungles still green. And most important, every one is still happy. Especially, the wise visitors who come.

What you’ll find is that accommodations may be even more of a bargain. A table at one of our 5 stars restaurants may be easier to get. The lines for the zip lines zip along faster, the charter boats are easier to book. The famous Malecon a little less crowded. And to my mind, that’s all good.

I’ve been in P.V. for almost 3 years, winter and summer, spring and fall and while it is a little hotter and a little more humid, not by much and no hotter than any other summer place.

No matter what time of the year it is, P.V. and the entire Bay of Banderas is considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It’s the # 1 vacation choice of the LGBT community, and the #1 choice for sun and fun lovers the world over. All of that is here waiting for you at even more attractive prices with less crowds and more choices. Simply put, when the snowbirds fly north, the wise birds swoop in.

To make your time with us the best time ever, Dave and I created our website, to feature the best of the best.  That way you never have to settle for second best. You can be sure of this, our blenders are still blending, the tacos are still amazing,  everyone is still charming and delightful. So remember this, its not the time of the year that matters, it’s the time of your life that matters and that’s what you’ll find here, what ever season you choose to visit.

Come enjoy it all Amigo, at less.