Tangi’s Foodoozie – This week we have Calmate, Oh Crossaint, Viveros Wine Bar & El Granero

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Oh Croissant!! -198 Calle Niza – Versalles -+52 322 225 4571

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 Just wow!! This is a proper bakery located in the trendy neighborhood of Versalles.  Very reasonably priced to boot!! We had 2 lattes and shared 3 pastries (don’t judge me!😉) with a grand total of $143 pesos or about $7.50 usd.  I had to sample a few to get a real review, lol.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! Speaking of sticking, I had a pecan sticky bun that was buttery, fluffy, covered in pecans.  Probably the best I’ve had in Vallarta.  I also sampled a cream filled pastry from the refrigerated section.  Crisp on the outside with a whipped cream center, it was delicious!  Lastly the almond pastry was huge!! I believe it had a marzipan center, generous amount of almonds and dusted with powdered sugar. Y’all really need to try this place.  Oh goodness, this is only 1.2 miles from my house!! 😳.  They of course had plenty of other pastries so further research will be needed.  😎.  They have salads and sandwiches too.

Calmate – Calle Honduras 218 – Cinco de diciembre -+52 322 365 1557

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There is a fairly new breakfast/brunch/lunch place in 5 de diciembre that has become a personal favorite.  I have a tendency to eat it before getting pictures, LOL.  It’s called Cálmate and is located on Honduras not far from the gas station.  It’s a clean, modern environment with some of the best food!! Seriously!! Their Thai bowl is loaded with fresh ingredients like shredded carrot, cucumbers, red bell peppers, brown rice, peanuts, blueberries, MANGO, cilantro and choice of chicken, tuna or marinated tofu, served with a fantastic peanut Thai sauce.  Every bite is a perfect bite, so beautifully prepared. 🥰. It is enough for 2 meals!!  The French toast comes with berries, crushed almonds and real maple syrup.  The chilaquiles pollos are served with red sauce, avocado, radish, cilantro, onion, chicken and black beans.  They are famous for smoothies, crafted coffee, and delicious omelettes, but I keep getting the Thai cacahuate bowl!! Lol.  They will deliver locally, but do yourself a favor and visit the restaurant.  They close early at 5.  Buen provecho!!

Vivero wine bar1326 Costa Rica – Cinco de Diciembre -+52 322 172 6969

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This is a wine bar bistro that opened in my neighborhood that is absolutely delightful!  It’s a rooftop view of the bay with fresh breezes and wonderful food and wine.  We shared a generous charcuterie board with gourmet meats, cheeses, dried fruit and nuts….  very filling.  Also my friend ordered the Croque Madame.  The bechamel sauce was divine and egg cooked perfectly.  I believe it has been said that a perfectly cooked egg is the sign of a good chef!  Finally for dessert we shared the French toast that was made with brioche lightly coated in corn flake crumbs, served with orange cream and preserves.  I highly recommend this fabulous restaurant.  Check their Facebook page for schedule of local live entertainment.

El Granero Calle Francisco Madero -333 – in Old Town -+52 322 274 8986

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I have found a slice of heaven in this delightful gourmet gastropub!  They are owned by the same people as Los Muertos brewery but have a more eclectic upscale menu.  I am in love with their Pepperoncini Pepperoni pizza! Wood fired thin crust with pepperoni, pepperoncini peppers, slivered bell peppers and a hint of HONEY! I know, sounds crazy right?  CRAZY GOOD! I found myself there 3 days in a row this past weekend.  Sunday I had the buffalo chicken salad.  It was mixed greens, blue cheese crumbles, cherry tomatoes, a large portion of crisp crumbled BACON, then topped with buffalo chicken strips.  One of the best salads I have ever had.  Seriously!  Also they have a dozen or so housemade craft beers on tap for around $65 pesos a pint.  My favorite is the Chachalaca with hints of grapefruit.  I love this restaurant!

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews, be sure and let them know that you saw the review on Best of Banderas Bay’s website.

God Bless You!