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Paid Advertisement Terms & Conditions


  1. The aforementioned entity, hereinafter the client, declares that it is interested in formalizing this advertising insertion contract, also stating that it has the sufficient powers and legal capacity necessary to sign it and expressly declaring that it acts in a manner free and voluntary.
  2. SOMBRERO FANTASTICO S.A. DE C.V. , hereinafter BOBB, is the owner of THE BEST OF BANDERAS BAY MAGAZINE that has space available for the insertion of third-party advertising.
  3. The client wishes to include their own advertising in THE BEST OF BANDERAS BAY MAGAZINE, adhering to the provisions of this contract and current legislation for this purpose.
  4. Both parties have reached an agreement for the development of the provision of said service in accordance with the following:


Purpose of the Contract

This contract regulates the provision of advertising service in the magazine owned by BOBB.

Obligations of BOBB

  • Insert the advertising delivered by the client.
  • Insert the advertisement with the described characteristics, in the agreed place and for the agreed duration.
  • BOBB may refuse to insert advertisements that contain or may infringe the rights of third parties, constitutional principles or go against public morals. This assessment will be at the sole and exclusive discretion of BOBB.

Obligations of the Client

  • Pay the amounts stipulated as economic considerations included in the section on economic conditions.
  • Provide an advertisement in a time and form that allows the insertion of the advertisement you wish to include in the magazine. The client must deliver the advertisement in a format specified.
  • Guarantee to BOBB that it has all the intellectual and industrial property rights regarding the advertisement provided, as well as that said advertisement does not violate the rights of third parties, constitutional principles and public morals, exempting BOBB from any claim in this regard.
  • Guarantee to BOBB that advertising and its preparation comply with the regulations regarding advertising, information society services, consumers and users, competition law, as well as any other regulations that may be applicable.
  • Advertising related to medicines will be for products approved by the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) and will comply with current legislation on medicines for human use.
  • The client undertakes to indemnify BOBB for any damages that may be caused by the insertion of advertising in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and / or its cancellation.


The provision of advertising service in the magazine is subject to current advertising rates, except for any other type of agreement reflected in the section corresponding to the characteristics of advertising. The payment of the stipulated amount will be made by bank transfer within 30 days of invoice date.

Duty of Secrecy and Data Protection

The parties undertake to keep confidential information to which they have been able to access by reason of this contract, understood as any information, main or accessory, exchanged between the parties to carry out this contract.

The parties declare to know and expressly comply with Mexican legislation on data protection, in particular what is stipulated by law in Article 19, on the protection of personal data, committing to process the data obtained, where appropriate, in development of this contract, in accordance with the aforementioned regulations.

Intellectual Property

All material delivered by the customer to BOBB, including graphics, logos, slogans, etc. are the property of the client and are material protected by the rules relating to intellectual and industrial property, their use being prohibited by BOBB for any purpose other than that regulated in this contract, as well as by any other third party.

The client exempts BOBB and is responsible for any type of claim from third parties claiming an intellectual or industrial property right regarding the content of the inserted advertisement.


BOBB will be responsible in the event of non-compliance with the provision of the service, term and form, stipulated in this contract. BOBB will not be responsible in any case for claims for other types of damages, of any nature or kind, that may arise from the insertion of advertising material on the Web, nor for breaches or delays due to causes of force majeure or that are out of their control.


The above terms and conditions are provided in English as a convenience. In any case of contradiction with the Terms and Conditions in Spanish, the Spanish version shall prevail.


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