Causes - The Adobe Sustainable Construction Project

The Adobe Block construction project is extremely close to our hearts as we have been out to some of the very poor areas where families are living in horrific conditions. No human beings on the planet should live like some of these people do. Although there have been many organizations giving donations of money, clothing, food and toys for the children, our concept is not to give them anything but to teach them how to build their own beautiful homes using our block press machine that spits out more than 1400 blocks a day.

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"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for life"  When you choose this option, a portion of your payment will go to purchasing these machines and training the people to use it. These Adobe block machines have been around for quite a while but are cost prohibitive for people to purchase. These machines are completely portable so blocks can be made directly on site.  Our current project is for an area near the dump. Here are some photos of the living conditions there. Some areas are better than others, however certain areas have been forgotten and that is where we are planning this project.   

People throughout Jalisco and Banderas Bay need our help, although they are hidden away and most people never see anything but the beauty of this place. But, there are plenty who need a home to live in. The adobe blocks have been around for 1000's of years and some of the oldest structures in Mexico have been built with adobe blocks the old fashion way, by hand. However this process is not possible for many as it takes up too much space and requires truckloads of clay mud found in and near the mountains of Puerto Vallarta.

The cost of the machine is $27,000 USD plus the shipping, trailer, training and cement, spare parts and mud. The machines are truly amazing.  Here is some additional information on this block press machine. The BP714 uses a unique double compression method that produces block strengths that exceed the compressible strength required for concrete block. The blocks are 10 x 18 x 35.5 cm, and the machine produces 800-1400 blocks in 8 hours. The BP714 uses manually operated levers for filling the chamber, each stage of compression and ejecting the block. An experienced operator can reach 1400 blocks in 8 hours. It is recommended that the BP714 is sold as a complete system / success package, which includes a spare parts kit, a mixer, two weeks on-site training and a soil test kit.

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Why Build With Earth Blocks?

There are truly no restraints to the kind of homes you can build with Earth Block Construction. A compressed earth wall is resistant to sound transmission, fire and insect damage. With little maintenance a compressed earth wall can last for hundreds of years. The mass of the earth walls acts as an energy storage system, helping to keep a house cool when it is hot outdoors and warm inside when it is cool. This reduces the need for heating and air conditioning.

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Stronger Than Concrete

Compressed earth blocks are one of the most inexpensive building materials in the world. Including the cost of the equipment, maintenance and fuel, the cost of compressed blocks can be considerably less than other building methods when produced in volume.

Compressed earth blocks are all natural and the total energy required to produce them can be dramatically less than the energy required to make bricks or cement blocks. This makes compressed earth blocks among the most environmentally friendly material available today and conserves our natural resources.



The simplicity of the compressed earth building system allows the use of workers with little to no prior building experience thus reducing labor costs. The interlocking block design means building with much lower labor costs and building faster. The blocks can be dry stacked eliminating the major cost of mortar. When compared to other building systems, the overall costs have been from 5% to 40% lower using just the dirt beneath our feet.

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Help us achieve our goal and get the first machine into the hands of the people and we will teach them to fish. Simply creating a listing through us does that. For every listing we give 10% of our profits to this excellent charity, we now have over $5000 USD toward the project so we are making headway and expect to have this completed before the end of 2018 and in January 2019 to help them have the first house completed for a family. This is an exciting project and hope to continue to get more machines and build hundreds of homes for those who really need it. Thank you for choosing the Adobe Earth Block Project and The Best of Banderas Bay.