The benefits of doing yoga in pregnancy

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Being pregnant is one of the various stages of women, where the body is transformed inside, outside and on all sides.

There are changes on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual, hormonal, and emotional. Obviously, the change we notice the most is the physical one, although the hormonal and emotional ones are not far behind. It is difficult to be taught to cope with these changes in a calm and harmonious way, and many women go through uncomfortable pregnancies without knowing who to turn to or what to do.

Starting a prenatal yoga practice is the best decision you can make to enjoy and get the most out of your pregnancy. This practice is aimed at all pregnant women regardless of their height, weight, previous experience, or degree of flexibility.
If you read this, are pregnant or know someone who is, recommend prenatal yoga, they will thank you infinitely.

Some of the benefits of this practice are:
- Eliminates muscle aches and pains caused by excess fluids in the body.
- Promotes attention to breathing, which is vital during labor and delivery.
- Helps prepare the body and mind for childbirth.
- Increases flexibility in the hip.
- Regulates blood pressure.
- Improves digestion and sleep.

It is important to know that the practice of prenatal yoga must be with a certified instructor, certified specifically in this branch of yoga. Once 3 months or 12 weeks of gestation are complete, you are ready to begin this beautiful discipline.

Likewise, your baby also benefits, since being calmer and exercising, blood flows better throughout the body as well as energy, making your baby feel in harmony and peace within you.

In Bahía de Banderas there are some places where you can practice prenatal yoga, one of them is Espiral Yoga Estudio, with Michelle Nava, an instructor with more than a decade of experience in this field who specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga, Michelle also teaches classes.

Teacher Certification Trainings In prenatal yoga, she is quite well known among doulas, midwives, and yoginis, as she has extensive experience in the yoga path.

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