By Sergio Armando Sánchez 

In terms of balance and strength, stability lies in the foundations of any structure, and if we look at the area of ​​our health, we are also going to find that there are important bases to watch to achieve that stability.

First, physical health, that we take care through personal care habits such as exercise, eating, rest, etc. Very important factors to make our body work properly and to keep it in optimal conditions.

Followed by our mental health, which we take care of by paying attention to our thoughts, seeking to see the positive side of each situation that comes our way, determined by our way of reacting to eventualities and by always seeking to focus constructively on our ideas.

Finally, and as one of the strongest pillars, not only for our health in general, but for our walk through this life, there is Emotional Health, purifying our feelings, going deeper in our being to be able to do what best strengthen us, working much more on who we are, what we feel, how we feel and how we let it build us emotionally; it is perhaps, the hardest pillar to work with, but without a doubt, the one that will give us the greatest strength if we do it in a convincing way.