The Season Has Begun in Puerto Vallarta And You’re Still Sitting Home?

Puerto Vallarta Vacation

The Season Has Begun in Puerto Vallarta And You’re Still Sitting Home?

1 October, 2019

Amigo, if you’re still hanging back thinking of where to spend your next vacation, call me quick, because I know a place that’s like no place else on earth. A place where the gentle Pacific rolls onto 51 miles of stunning white sand beaches around Bahia de Banderas. A place more that 3.7 million smiling visitors come to each year and year after year after that to have the time of their lives. A place filled with scrumptious restaurants from world class 5-star chefs to home grown Maestros of tacos along our romantic cobblestone streets.

A place that overflows with, warm, wonderful people who genuinely want you to share their charming towns with you. This I will guarantee you, the one thing you will remember long after our stunning sunsets and lively music and world-class resorts are the people themselves. Here, salsa has chips, not shoulders.

What makes Puerto Vallarta even better is that it’s not one place but a collection of great places to visit that can be easily discovered if you hop on a bus or take a taxi and visit all the towns around the bay. Each one is different, charming, exciting and unique.

Start in Punta Mita, with its Caribbean like water, where Bill Gates owns the 4 Seasons hotel and find a cucina traditionale where your education of authentic Mexican cuisine can begin. It is so much more complex, subtle and nuanced than you ever can imagine. Tacos, and I love them too, are the tip of the iceberg. and part of, but certainly not all, Mexican cuisine.

Once you’ve been properly schooled in deliciousness you can head to La Cruz, where you’ll find the Sunday Market on the Marina. Beautiful crafts, delicious treats including corn ice cream, that Ben and Jerry swear is their favorite flavor. I agree. Then there’s Bucerias, my favorite, toes in the sand, shrimp in a bucket and beers on ice little town, with a cool local market.

Nuevo Vallarta is well named. It is full of fabulous new modern resorts, hotels and homes with a wide, wonderful beach. All of it minutes from downtown P.V., the famous Malecon and pulsing nightlife.

I’m going to stop here because heading south there is even more. But the point is simple. If the point is to have the best time of your life, in the best place on earth, Bienvenidos Puerto Vallarta. Be sure to check out before you come.