The Sun Has Come Out This Morning!


The Sun Has Come Out This Morning!

By bestofbay | Oct 3, 2019

The rain of the last 2 days has ended, and the bright yellow sun is back where right where it belongs, in our flawless blue sky. So, if I were you, I would hurry on down. Despite the tail of the storm that passed us, I have never seen a place with better, more beautiful and more consistently great weather than Puerto Vallarta. A cloud in the sky is usually a newsworthy event. And when you get to all our great weather, the best is yet to come.

Start with our beaches…51 endless miles of snow white, powder-soft sand around the sparkling Bay of Banderas. Pick a beachfront restaurant with a spectacular view and endless buckets of fresh, just out of the sea shrimp and icy, hand-made cocktails.

Once you’ve eaten your fill, walk it off on our famous Malecon and visit all the vendors with their spectacular goods.

You’ll see living statues, sample some of the best crepes ever, the cake lady is a must stop, especially for the tres leches cake. Watch the kids zoom around, the acrobats whirl around and all the great shops and galleries all around you.

Got energy? Try our pulsing dance clubs, or a romantic nook with a classical guitarist. Feel the breeze roll in with the waves as you stroll along the shore.

The best thing about Puerto Vallarta and all the magical towns around the bay is everything. 5-star hotels and resorts, charming inns, tropical jungles cascading down the famous PV hills.

Visit the architectural gems around our plazas, the churches and cathedrals. Try some authentic Mexican cuisine, the kind you won’t find anywhere else, get taught what real taco tastes like, from a woman who has made them all her life. Hop on a bus and get to mingle with real Mexicans and feel their laughter, charm and warmth. And then when the sun rises high in our liquid blue sky get out and do it all again.

The whales are here, the dolphins are jumping, the Mariachis are strumming and we’re all waiting for you.

Check out before you come and we’ll steer you to the best of the best of what is truly one of the best places on earth.  P.S. bring plenty of sunscreen, you’re going to need it.