The true colors of a hidden treasure: San Pancho

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I was looking for a little slower pace get away out of Banderas Bay, and I found it! in San Francisco…
Costa Azul beach, where a small fishing village called San Francisco sits, better known by the inhabitants of the region as San Pancho, north of Puerto Vallarta, on Federal Highway 200 is this micro destination that continues to preserve its essence of a coastal town and has all the comforts of a small cosmopolitan city.

San Pancho is a cobbled streets town, with colorful squares bathed in sun during the day and romantic moonlight at night!

I could feel the authenticity of this town when I arrived, when I smelled its aromas coming out of the taquerias and restaurants walking on the main street “Tercer Mundo” the liveliest part of the town, when I saw the smile of its friendly people and heard the mariachi, adorning with notes the atmosphere of the afternoon. Here we also found bars, breweries, shops, cultural centers, cafeterias, galleries, restaurants, artisan bakeries and enjoyed a free performance of multinational artists showing off their acrobatic and musical skills.

We enjoyed the tranquility of the beach, while the more adventurous rode the waves on their bright surfboards and the seagulls flew over as if taking care of our calm.

Recommended time to visit San Pancho, is from November to May, since they are the coolest months. This is the high season that see the streets come alive with festivals and other events.

But there is something bigger than that! Every year the giants of the ocean, the humpback whales, come from the cold waters of Alaska, arrive in search of the warmth of the Nayarit waters, where they remain peaceful taking care of their calves. They can be seen from November to March.

This visit made me feel the cordiality and warmth with which the locals receive their visitors. People proud of their lands covered with a starry sky and traditions and who have created different activities so that tourists can enjoy the different aspects that this little piece of heaven has to offer the world.

*From Puerto Vallarta, the Beach of Costa Azul is 40 kilometers to the north. From Tepic take road number 76 towards San Blas. When you reach the junction with road number 200 take it heading south