There’s A Lot to Smile About in Mexico.

Dental Care in Banderas Bay

21 June, 2019

Let’s say you choose the Bay of Banderas because of its 51 miles of spectacular beaches. Let’s say you came to Puerto Vallarta for all the 5-star resorts and hotels.  The wide, gentle Pacific. The amazing people, art, shopping. Those alone contribute to making Puerto Vallarta one of the best travel destinations in the world. Now there’s a whole new delicious reason to visit if one of your passions is eating like a king. From a little hole in the wall, selling the world’s best tacos to a five-star, world-class gastronomic palace of pleasures with Michelin stars. Puerto Vallarta never disappoints.

Dentistry in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can really take a bite out of your savings.  That’s why so many visitors who come here aren’t here for the sun, the fun, the sea or the tacos, but for the fantastic level of dental care you can find in Puerto Vallarta and the cities around the beautiful Bay of Banderas. And this isn’t just low-cost care, this is world-class care, provided by some of the best trained and highly-skilled dental practitioners on earth.

A full mouth set of implants here can be had at 55-80% less than in the states.

An average dental crown in the U.S. costs $1,600. In Puerto Vallarta around $800.

A root canal in U.S. costs about $1,300. Here in Puerto Vallarta the cost is around $400. Perhaps that is why 1,000,000 visitors each year, come to Mexico and the towns around the Bay, for their medical and dental needs.

Worried that you don’t speak or understand Spanish well or at all? No problemo.

U.S. trained and English speaking dentists and staff are readily available. And if you need prescription medication after your procedures, you’ll find the costs of those pills can be had at significant savings.

Another intangible about medical and dental care down here is the quality of caring that comes along with it. Yes, these highly skilled practitioners and their staffs are top professionals but they also possess a level of humanity and kindness that is part of their DNA.  There is a difference between care and caring and they are both vital to your good health.

The vast cost savings will allow you to get done what you need without going broke and leave enough over so you can fully recover in the world’s #1 tourist destination, stay at a world-class hotel or resort, dine on delicious cuisine and fresh caught seafood and, when you’re able to, throw down a Margarita or two. Now that’s really something worth smiling about.

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