Timing is everything when it comes to Real Estate in Mexico!

Timing 3


If you have other thoughts about a vacation home south of the border, well there has never been a better time to purchase a vacation property than right now all across Mexico but especially on the pacific coast in the area of Banderas Bay.

The bay starts from the north at Punta de Mita which has been exploding. If you have not heard of Punta Mita, this is the Beverly Hills or San Francisco of Mexico with some of the nicest and most luxurious properties on the planet.

The difference is pricing, where you would spend in California for an ocean-front mansion which would run upwards of 10 to 25 million dollars but here in Mexico, a couple of million USD can buy you a lot of beachfront luxury.

Punta Mita is one of the most exclusive and expensive areas and the home to the Four-Seasons hotel. The village is completely gated and where you will find the most exclusive of properties and on both sides of the village there are also some incredible oceanfront and ocean view homes. The area has several world-class golf courses and some incredible mountain and ocean views from the whole area.

This area is for the executive class and for those that only want the best and do mind not paying for it. As you move to the south of Banderas Bay, we have several beautiful communities that all have been exploding with Americans and Canadians ready to make a move or create an income stream by renting to vacationers when they are not using. The further south you go, the better deals there are, there are thousands of properties available in every price range. Believe it or not, there are still properties to purchase as low as $ 50,000 (USD) and even cheaper and go all the way up to 10 to 15 million dollars at the top end.

The towns to the south to look at are La Cruz and Bucerias which have both been growing over the last 10 years but still have some good buys and beautiful properties, next we have Nuevo Vallarta which has some incredible properties and is the only area that has waterfront homes with docks on canals, plus they all have ocean access. You can find any type of property in Nuevo Vallarta from an exclusive beachfront to a waterfront beauty with space for your 80-foot Azimut.

Of course, Puerto Vallarta has been continually growing year after year and rated the best gay travel destination, the safest travel destination and on top of all the awards, it was one of the only areas that stayed open completely during the pandemic. This area has become the playground for the rich however very conducive to the regular vacationers and rightfully so, it has incredible energies and people can feel the love this city provides. It is no wonder so many are buying their vacation homes in the Banderas Bay area.

The area to watch is south of Puerto Vallarta and the many small beach front areas that are just now being discovered even beyond the town of Yelapa. It is a town accessible only by boat however just beyond that towns are Chimo and Corrales which will be very hot areas in the not-too-distant future. I was lucky enough to find a hidden gem resort called treasurebythesearesort.com and it was incredible. I fell in love and bought some property during my visit. Through the entire bay, there are little hidden paradises that very few know about. You must get out and explore, talk to many people and find the right people to help you or beware. Timing is right in Banderas Bay to invest in real estate. Take your time but come down and stay with us on the bay and fall in love.