Treasure By the Sea in Jalisco Mexico Declared “Best Resort for Social Distancing”

Puerto Vallarta is still western Mexico’s top destination for international tourism, but with recent health concerns and Covid 19, travelers have been seeking new experiences far from city centers where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while keeping their distance from crowds.

Many of Puerto Vallarta’s big hotels are concentrated in distinct hotel zones, but many other appealing options are peppered along the scenic coast of Puerto Vallarta’s 400 square mile Banderas Bay.

The travel experts of Best of Banderas Bay have visited every last stretch of this coast including rocky shorelines, hidden beaches, and tiny rural fishing villages. For their category of “Best Hotel for Social Distancing,” they’ve explored many of the hotels accessible only by private yachts or “pangas,” the famous water taxis that provide access to these precious gems where lush jungle meets the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Treasure by the Sea Happy Hill
Treasure by the Sea Beach House

Treasure By the Sea wins this year’s title by a combination of factors including a location that is not only remote but stunningly beautiful and still abounding in activities for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

Treasure By the Sea’s main resort building is directly on the beach and just one kilometer south of the fishing village of Chimo, a quaint and quiet town with a population of only 199 people. It has seven well-appointed custom-designed rooms with stellar views of the boutique resort’s pristine private beach and captivating coastline.

Enjoy the chefs delicacies of gourmet foods, have a drink at the open bar or take a dip in the relaxing pool, this property is designed with love for extreme comfort and for those guests that want an high vibration experience away from the other tourists.

Treasure By the Sea also has a hilltop property just above the beach house, Happy Hill, perched high on a ridge line above the Chimo beach with commanding and inspirational views across the entire Bay of Banderas but close enough to walk to the beach house.

Both the properties offer spa services, guided tours and other unique experiences including a “temazcal,” a traditional Mexican sweat lodge.

The property offer a wide variety of health and wellness retreats to help gusts realign their mind, body and soul that include a variety of ancestral medicines like Ayahuasca, Peyote and mushrooms.

This resort also offers private custom retreats for team building and enlightenment for families not to mention rehabilitation programs.

Both properties offer all-inclusive experiences specializing in homemade seafood and traditional Mexican dishes lovingly prepared by professional and attentive service staff.

The resort’s owner Norma Hernandez, closely supervises all aspects of their operations ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction and experiences customized to her guests’ needs and wants.

Treasure by the sea Beach View

Other activities in the Chimo area and property include:

• Sightseeing cruises along the shore
• World-class fishing
• Hikes to beaches and waterfalls
• Dirt road adventures up to mountain towns, hot springs, and coffee plantations
• Become one with Nature
• Raicilla Factory Taste Testing

Chimo, Jalisco is sure to become a hot spot eventually but for now, we found our little piece of heaven To find out more about Treasure By the Sea and other top experiences in the Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay region, contact Best of Banderas Bay staff at

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