WWJD – What Would Jesucio Do?

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Sex, Love and Relationship advice from an international prostitute.

Dear Jesucio,

I had sex with a guy at a fetish party with no condom. I’ve never done it before, I feel shit, but he was SOOO cute! I have PREP but I haven’t started it yet, make me feel better!

Fetish Queen

Dear Fetish Queen,

We’ve all been there, take a deep breath and try not to beat yourself up too much. You are not the first person to be woo’d by the charms and member of a beautiful man. Sometimes the alure and sexual energy is too enticing to say no or think responsibly. I would say first start your PREP.  It will be a major relief for you, especially if you are sexually adventurous. Also find a sexual health clinic near you and get a screening. We are lucky to live in a time where there are medicines available to make HIV undetectable and untransferable if taken properly and if you get an STI you can get a shot in the ass or take a series of antibiotics to get rid of it. Enjoy the memories of your oh so cute guy and take control of your sexual health!

Dear Jesucio,

I’m constantly going to circuit parties. I was shagged in the middle of the dance floor in front of all my friends. I’m a nymphomaniac and I love it but am having trouble finding a boyfriend who understands. Help!

Horny and alone

Dear Horny and alone,

Sex is fun and sometimes we all want to be porn stars. I’m sure your friends are used to you by now, but as far as the boyfriend situation goes, it can be tricky. It’s hard finding someone who is as sexually open and accepting as you, that wants a committed relationship. There will have to be some major compromises when it comes to boundaries and sexual promiscuity. Ultimately, I would always recommend honesty and openness. You may lose them, but at least when they stay, it’s because they love you for who you really are. In the meantime, keep on smashing that dance floor!