Yachting on the Bay


By Diamond Dave

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of visitors to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico because of the beauty of this magnificent area. When you visit, one thing that you should make sure you do is get out on a private yacht and explore the beauty that many landlocked people never get a chance to see. On my very first trip to Mexico, I remember getting up early and getting the first look at the yacht we decided to take out for the day. This is so exciting and then getting on the bay first thing in the morning, there is nothing like it.

No matter what your budget is, there is a boat for you. I have so many fond memories of our first trip. We snorkeled Los Arcos National Park in the morning, then explored the private beach of Colomitos Cove which is a small private cove to the south of Boca and is the last town you can get to by car. The beauty is amazing and mostly private because it is only available by boat. Our next stop is Yelapa, we were picked up by a small water taxi-style boat that took us to shore where we rented horses and took a journey through this tiny fishing village and passed many vendors selling local arts and crafts at the famous waterfalls of Yelapa. They are fantastic and even have a small palapa bar to grab a drink or a shot of the world-famous raicilla which is the local moonshine from one of the local business owners.

The people of Yelapa are so friendly and become family as soon as you meet them. This is an excellent place to visit when you charter your boat for the day. There are so many places to see along the bay. When you charter a yacht anywhere along the Banderas Bay area, it is sure to make your vacation even better.

You get to visit spots that only a select few have been and once you do it, you will want to return time to time and again. To top off our yacht experience, we were lucky enough to run into a school of dorado and managed to pull in three. Banderas Bay is a world-class fishing area and excellent for all water sports, on the north side, you find the wind and kite surfers, at the edge you find surfing, and of course the many great diving spots for those dive enthusiasts.

Banderas Bay has something to offer everyone, and the sites are beautiful, if you’re lucky enough to come from November to March, you might even find yourself face to face with a humpback whale.  So, when you visit, be sure and order yourself a private yacht for the day, because it is true… Life is Better on a Yacht.